Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop provides a wide assortment of gear, shells, rental guns and apparel, as well as being the registration point for your day of skeet, trap or sporting clays.

Start your visit to the Club here so that you can schedule your round and stock up on supplies. It is here that your trapper will be assigned, and your fees will paid when you are finished. It is VERY important that you square up with the pro shop upon completion of your shooting activities. Failure to cover your round may result in suspension of future shooting privileges until unpaid balances are reconciled.

We carry a common assortment of ammo, hearing and eye protection, shell pouches and much more. We can't, however, stock everything available. If you have a special request for a particular ammo or other equipment, ask our Manager and he will be happy to look into making a special order on your behalf.

Pro Shop Rentals


Our Pro Shop carries a variety of current model and well-cared-for Caesar Guerini shotguns in 20 and 12 gauge. Rates are very reasonable, and they can be reserved, or rented on first come basis.


The club has purchased 12 carts that are available for rent. Each cart can seat 4, has a storage rack on the front for your shells and supplies, and has gun racks for 4 shotguns. Check in at the Pro Shop to reserve or rent one for your round of sporting clays or other use within the club.